When will I cry

This song is pulling the pain out of my heart
a mass of incompletion yearning for expression
from a source that could not provide
But since bodies float to the surface when there’s no life left
I guess my ocean wasn’t so deep after all
I’ll be like Ophelia in the water
petals and leaves floating around me
As rhythm expresses what I had inside all along
It was the weight of my mind
fooling me into thinking I could never rise
Now it’s the beat of my heart,
fighting to be realised
It pushes me up a final time after I pass away, singing
To be victorious I must find glory in the little things, father take all the fears and sorrow from my life
And it plays through the waves
Lifting what’s left of me back to the shore, where I should have been all along
Music is helping my heart to sing
And it’s telling me that I’m not dead yet
I still have inside of me the ability to live
Because my heart never stopped beating
or searching for a vessel to express all it was carrying
Once again I am indebted to it
Thank you for keeping me alive
when I thought I was dead and gone

Where did this start?

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