In a place where I don’t know much. So all I can do is listen and learn. Be sensitive to information. Swallow my pride when I make mistakes. I tell myself that mistakes are evidence of my space to grow. So here I am, growing. It’s been a while since I learnt this much, so practically. School again.

My battle

I’m told I don’t say as much as I think I do. But I think I say more than you can hear. I am hesitant towards exposure – a desire for perfection still dwells in me.

I realised that everyone has an ongoing battle – a thing they’ve been dealing with for long enough for it to define them. Mine is thinking. It’s a maze and there are land mines at every turn. I’ve been stuck in my head for years and years.

a day in the 9 months (that was then, this is now) 💛

lol! i had to do something with *all* of the footage i had from April 2021 – January 2022. during this time i completed the NCTJ, a journalism diploma. it was challenging but worth it. i also just learnt a lot about life – something you’ll notice as the video progresses.

i missed the grip that video editing can have on me. i live for it. maybe you can get something from this… or maybe you will just be nosy.

Poetry book loading…

Something exciting is on the way.. stay tuned for my poetry book! It’s been years in the making and I didn’t even know. I’m so excited. This Friday, we’ll welcome the old and the new with intention. It will be the end of an emotional (and beautiful) labour. 🤎

25.02.22 – Now available: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B09TDRL8KL/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?crid=3SV0DRR3DU7LB&keywords=you+can+change+your+mind.&qid=1645785169&sprefix=%2Caps%2C213&sr=8-5

an uncanny reminder

I almost teared up when I saw this cover from across the table in Daunt Books. I was in an uncommitted relationship with it when I was a teenager, taking it out and putting it back, picking it up and putting it down. The cover is so distinct. I tried so hard to read it but never committed. Or maybe I did, I can’t remember now that I think of it.
I wondered why we forget things like this, and instead remember all that brings us pain.
I also felt a longing to return to my school library and feel this book in my hands for the first time again, with a naive certainty that I would complete it. Though the familiarity was welcome, the hindsight was debilitating.
Anyway, I bought it. I knew that copy belonged to me.