Wax poetic

I won’t stop myself from writing about you,
even if it’s just for me.
To wax poetic is the last thing
I’ll let you take from me

I’ll explore this.

I’m open to opening up again
but only when it’s time

Next time I won’t underestimate myself
I’ll keep guard of my heart
and never let it down
I’ll never let myself down.

But thanks for showing me
there is some warmth I hold inside,
A fuzzy excitement when my phone rings
after I finally save your number

Or a good morning text
that I never hoped to see until now
A how was your day
as we share mundane details

You’ve shown me I can want it again
Though I wish it could be between us
I see for the best, it shouldn’t be

And that’s okay with me.

This boundary is for the good of us both.
Access denied to Mr Unintentional,
thanks for your company.

You asked me twice if I love myself
To which I replied yes
So you should’ve expected me to say
let’s not do this again

And if you didn’t
I guess you were never really listening,
it was one of my reservations after all.

Today was hard because I wanted to hear & see you
But deprived of that,
I see what I do need;
a firm separation from you.

I rushed that.

Let’s just say,
I pray for strength ‘when’ you call me again
may my memory never fade
and my self-certainty remain
and remind me to never give you another chance
no matter what my heart says

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