Did You make it through winter?

did you sleep through what you thought was winter
with 2 blankets
only to open your eyes and find
that it was still dark,
causing you to roll over
and stay in bed for longer?
But then realising that troubles don’t last,
did you wake up one day
to the sun shining outside,
onto dry pavements
and windowpanes?
Has it happened yet,
that you feel optimistic
for the year ahead
despite the chaos all around
and uncertainty of each moment?
Among it all,
is joy filling your heart
slowly but surely from the bottom up,
lovingly deciding to stick around
until the end of year celebrations?
Have you yet recognised
the power to achieve anything you desire
as the thing that you carried in your arms
day and night
throughout this season
as the dark sky overpowered
the presence of light in your life?
Are you now seeing what is confirmed
as hope at the end of your tunnel?
They said things are looking up
and it’s the first time
you’ve felt that in months
now it’s real
You made it through winter
whether you dragged, drugged, persuaded or willed
yourself to do it
in the face of all your tribulations
You did it
and you will do it again,
just like you always have.

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