So You Can Relate

This week my friend and I launched our podcast, So You Can Relate. It’s been in the works for a while and I’m so happy that it’s finally here. We’ll be discussing our approach to life as we begin our twenties, with our faith and desire for growth at the forefront of it all.

And does the title sound familiar to you? If yes, it may be because it’s the tagline for my blog! When I made it years ago, my sole intention was (and remains) to make content that people will simply understand and relate to. There is so much power in relatability and I will never stop being passionate about that.

I am blessed to start this journey with someone I value so much. It is teaching me a lot about the power of friendship and like-mindedness. This fixation I have on relatability has lasted long enough for someone to come into my life and take it further than I would have if I kept doing things solo. Truly, there is strength in numbers!

You can listen to our most recent episodes below, I hope you enjoy it ❣.

47. The bad girl that I am So You Can Relate

Welcome back guys!  In today's episode we discuss what makes a good party and some of the worst party experiences we’ve had. We reminisce over our university experiences, and dive into the root causes of people pleasing.  🤎 #soyoucanrelatepod #peoplepleasing #partytime #storytime #adulting #therapy #unsolicitedadvice #spotifypodcast #applepodcast #googlepodcast #podcast2023
  1. 47. The bad girl that I am
  2. Minisode: Help me believe

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