What do you think?

I wish I could retain clearly all the things I’ve learnt.
Perhaps then I could make a change
or inspire butterflies to flap their wings.

I wish I could articulate
my perception of this world
without the blame game getting involved

But that’s not how it works.

I must accept that change may not happen in my lifetime,
that I may be the tiniest cog in the works,
making very little impact despite my efforts.

Do you ever put yourself in that position?

Is that which is inside of you truly stronger than the system you dwell within?
What about here, there, and everywhere?
And the things we’re not meant to forget?

Who will transfuse blood back into Congo,
and who will maintain the victory of Bolivia?
Who will end SARS for good,
and who will deliver Guinea?

What strength do you sense in your voice?
be true to yourself in answering.
Does there exist inside of you,
a pressure to do more than you currently are?

Do you want to move away
or are you yet to realise
that running is a crime in itself?

Do you recognise the boat we’re all in –
waterlogged wood with holes everywhere and a paddle that just snapped,
slowly sinking in the sea of power-hungry people, force, and genocide?

Have you opened your eyes and touched base with yourself yet?
Do you think you could confront the worst and contribute towards that change?

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