Dear heavy heart, / Sincerely, frustration

With all the daydreaming and migraines, all this waiting for something drove me insane. I only mind the rain when –

Quit ignoring your truth
and doing things for attention, deep down.
Take self-awareness past the overt knowledge of it
and shut up

Find rest in your imperfection
and accept that you don’t deserve anything
Take Panadol for your own headaches
and face your front

Think about who you are now
and if your younger self would be proud,
then consider if you even care about that
because you don’t have to

Be frustrated with your family
and lack of recognition
if that’s what matters to you

Wish that some things never happened
and curse the Butterfly Effect.
Hope for a better future
with seeds of doubt in your gut

Listen to good music
and hear something different each time…
Be still and remember what you should have

Embrace pessimism and the change of heart
Remember that life is short
then forget shortly afterwards

Cry yourself to sleep to slow songs
for the tides of tears
have been rising for a while now

Be sad that feelings weren’t reciprocated
And regret not handling potential love
better than you did

Overthink certain actions
and wish you did something different
Be disappointed in yourself
because you could’ve tried harder

Keep on living in oblivion
because that’s what waking up entails
Keep on living a life of mistakes
because that’s what it means to live

And keep hoping for your poetry to touch someone,
even though it won’t
Keep being a hypocrite,
you’re doing a great job.

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