Cornrow Kenny

I’ve been trying to develop my skills on Premiere Pro – this is my latest work!

It’s been years since I learnt how to cornrow, but this is my neatest set yet!

I have always been interested in hair, and I thank God every day that this interest led me to learning how to look after my own hair when I was 12.

I think I’ll be filming, editing and posting more hair videos because it’s something that I am passionate about. But, there’s no record of that online!

It’s not that posting things online is the only indication of their existence, but more so that there are parts of myself that I enjoy sharing here, and I want to add hair to the list.

Maybe I will start filming some videos about my skin journey too – it has been, and still is a bumpy ride, lol! (no pun intended)!

Now, if I may.
Ahem: Cornrow Kenny, he was born with a vision
All morning with the mixed dashboards, triple digits
Parallel park like an alien came visit

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