Looking Up

After I claim 99% and reject 1,
I keep my head down
and focus on my labour

dream about fruition,
plan my future
break all inhibitions
pray when I wake up –
God is closer than ever

I stop deactivating good things
And start starving the bad,
contentment clears old desire.

in the back of my mind
I hear seeds burst
at the birth of roots,
soil opening at the rise of shoots

but then I take a chance and look up.

Looking Up is the problem;
I focused for so little time that
what I ran from wasn’t far behind

Looking Up is my problem.
for truly it’s not been long
since my seclusion
for incubated growth.

Reservations remain and I see just how long life is
Believe when I say there are enough minutes in a day
you feel that when you try to move up and away

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