The Value of Clichés

Clichés are annoying and cheesy, but no one has died from hearing such truths.

I place these phrases in the same category:

– Self-belief
– Hard work
– Team work

They are tiring, cliché topics of motivation. However, clichés are just the common denominators of thought and discovery. Despite going through various experiences, people have arrived at the same conclusions; as a result, these conclusions have become annoying clichés. Yet, they mean something.

Yes, sometimes it’s good to go against the grain and do your own thing, avoiding clichés as best as you can.

However, as it says in Proverbs 12:15, it’s the wise that listen to counsel. And counsel from credible sources often suggests that you should believe in yourself, work hard and embrace team work.

Let’s try and explore the following:

  • Self-belief

“Self-belief is the only belief.”

Sometimes you don’t believe in yourself because you think that you aren’t good enough; in this moment, you don’t have the skills or capabilities that make what you do worth believing in.

But you want to believe in yourself. And when you become good enough, it will be easy to do so. So, you just have to make yourself good enough.

This will happen when you work hard on what you feel like you aren’t completely capable of right now. As you do so, you will get better at what you do and the self-belief concerning your capabilities will grow.

Hard work is the key to self-belief.

  • Hard work

No growth comes from the comfort zone.”

We fail to work hard because we fear pain and discomfort. Yet we need to seek our capabilities in the realm of discomfort:

Putting your back into your craft is painful, but ultimately worth it as you break past the glass ceiling that you have created for yourself in the vein of laziness and lack of effort.

This is the kind of pain you bounce back from, like giving birth. As you look at the fruit of your labour, the pain becomes worth it.

In relation to self-belief, you work hard in order to become so good at your craft, that your self-belief becomes irrefutable.

  • Team work

“Team work makes the dream work.”

You can perfect your craft with your own abilities, and often in conjunction with the abilities of others. As you work hard as a team, your collective self-belief blooms: Everybody eats.

Shared responsibility = net growth. We all get a slice and with hard work and focus, this won’t take away from the value of your own endeavours.

Clichés are annoying and cheesy, but no one has died from hearing such truths. Work towards self-belief as an individual, and with the help of others. There is great value in the undeniability of capability.

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