Malibu & Lemonade

  1. Things fall apart
    in a bed ridden with healing
    And a handkerchief ordained by God.
    Do you know what healing is?
  2. it’s a trail
    From two to 21 –
    as you realise that time is done
    and the sun won’t shine like it used to.
  3. Reminisce on good times
    rhymes, wonders and signs
    Then focus on now,
    when things are harder than they’ve ever been.
  4. Master deterioration;
    This is the first draft.
    I used to only drink Lemonade
    but now there’s Malibu down there.
  5. here’s where things changed.
    I span through glasses,
    Stuck to my drink ‘cause it was mild
    though mild is monoxide too

it’s all about adjustment.
Malibu is sweeter now
There’s no life without it
I made room,
and it’s not so bad.

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