There’s no enthusiasm in this.
In this, your eyes are from space.
At nothing in particular, they cover ninety-one thoughts

Sometimes when you hear your favourite song,
Your heartbeat remains the same
Or, covering eyes don’t blink.

Listless, let’s remain seated and ruminate.
Some of these plans never come to life
And some of them fail halfway,
That’s never okay

Maybe you’ll scroll and maybe you’ll sleep
The pace of it all, lethargic

Listless, with dark matter around your eyes
And dead volcanoes on your face,
That’s what the feeling does to you.

We know that love won’t make things better
But you still try to fall.
Listless, you fill black holes and write down how you feel,
Fuelled by the last of your enthusiasm

Listless, you contradict and
Travel further into thought.
You should snap out of it soon,

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