On Feeling Low

Sleep is like drug sometimes. It works for a while, but eventually it wears off. There is still a problem to face when your eyes open.

One thing that everyone in the world has in common is that none of us chose to be here. Also, that life is difficult as the low times are more amplified than the high times. It is hard to see past what you feel, especially when what you feel is all you ever feel.

I noticed a long time ago that the best way to get through life is by acknowledging that things will seem like they’re going wrong most of the time. However problems arise when you let this affect you and pull you back.

Understand that life is hard, but you have to keep working. And when you’re unhappy, disheartened or empty, remember that it’s a part of life. You will get back up. And you’ll probably fall again. But, when you realise that this is a process, you become less sensitive to it all.

When you’re sad, try more than sleeping on it. It’s unlikely that when you wake up everything will be better. I feel sleep is like drug sometimes. It works for a while, but eventually it wears off. There is still a problem to face when your eyes open. So, what can you do when the bad feelings won’t go away?

Number one, you can find an outlet. I’m thinking of any form of art, such as drawing, writing, and all types off creative expression. Sometimes things are better understood when we see them in front of us. For example when you write things down, the pen touching paper is a way of physically releasing the emotion, thoughts and feelings that are pent up inside of you. Often, you don’t realise how much baggage you’re carrying until you begin letting it out.

Another thing you can do with bad feelings is talk about them. Although, this is without the expectation of answers. Sometimes the words need to be said, but they don’t require a response. You can just say it. To a person, or even to yourself. Saying it sometimes helps you to hear just how small the problem may be.

And if the problem is actually big, that’s fine too. Just work on it: what do you need to solve the problem? Is it impossible to solve? If yes, then try to worry less. There’s no point in fretting over what you can’t change. Instead, focus on how you’ll get it together and move on in the aftermath.

Pick yourself up. It is easier said than done, but it’s so much more possible than you think. Life won’t throw things that you can’t bear in your way.

You will be fine.

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