Responsibility Makes You Grow

A lifestyle that is well nurtured will only bear positive and healthy fruit. As you sow into your life with responsibility and care, you  will reap beautiful results.

Nowadays we talk about how when we were younger we wanted to grow up, but now that we’ve grown up we want to be young again. When you grow up and the world sees you as an adult, life gets harder. There is no one left to blame when things go wrong because you are held responsible for your actions, even if this is against your wishes. Therefore, you have to make informed decisions and think deeply about the way you choose to live. However despite physically growing up we still shy away from responsibility as it shows how flawed, unskilled and vulnerable we are.

Mentally, we haven’t grown that much. So we avoid responsibility, similar to how we engage in shallow and unprofitable activities to run away from feelings of emptiness and loneliness.

Shirking responsibility reflects the fear of growing up and not being able to rely on others because instead, you are getting closer to others relying on you. Maybe you feel like you’re not the kind of person that people can rely on, or like you will constantly let yourself and others down. However it’s one of the best things in the world when people can rely on you for things. You have so much positive power and influence in your hands and you grow as a result, subsequently bettering the world around you.

If we are on this wave of self-improvement we have to take the blame for the things we do and the mistakes we make. We can always joke about life, but once we take blame and responsibility we approach it with more care. Caring is nurturing, and a lifestyle that is nurtured will only bear positive and healthy fruit. As you sow into your life with responsibility and care, you will reap beautiful results.

Constantly shying away from responsibility makes it easier for other people’s choices to control the direction of your life. So, learn how to be independent and singlehandedly do things that will make your life better. Try to rely on others less. Put pressure on yourself and see how far it takes you. Take responsibility of your future; you have the power to shape it, so don’t let others do it for you.

We must accept the fact that we have to grow up, and let go of the desire to be children once again. So much time is wasted in life when we keep looking back to feel nostalgic, even though there’s still an amazing life that we can make ahead of us.

The past isn’t going anywhere, it’s one of the only things in life that you can’t change. You can bear the past in mind, but you should also have the present and the future on your mind. When you let that interact with your current goals and acceptance of the responsibility you have over your existence, you’ll grow into a greater person.

I say all of this to say that responsibility makes you grow, and who doesn’t want to grow?

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