Concluding Project One

I spent two months of this year recording interviews with six people in my circle, and typing them up so that I could post them online and share with as many people as possible. Honestly, I didn’t know that it would be this successful!

I learnt a lot about how people think and the way they respond to personal and impersonal questions. I also find it interesting that I could ask questions like ‘What is one thing you regret doing?’ and ‘When is the last time you cried?’ simply because I previously asked for permission to do so.

People are so vulnerable, and we put up façades to indicate to the world that we’re fine and figuring things out. However, our true selves are hiding under the surface and it doesn’t take a lot to learn more about those around you. Questions such as ‘What should you probably start doing?’ were also a great way to help people evaluate themselves and look ahead at all the things they are still yet to achieve.

Above all, I hope that even if you read just one of the interviews, you can relate to some answers, or that you even thought about how you would respond to the questions yourself. To me, the answers I have collected stand as variables that make up a group of people as a sum, and these variables are a small example of how humans all over the world think and live.

(Scroll down to read the interviews)

Keep an eye out for my next Project!

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