My First Project

I made my first blog post in November, but allowed myself to forget about it since then. Hopefully, the next few posts are the start of consistency and a collection of good reads.

Some time ago, I realised that as humans we love to talk about ourselves. I gathered this from my conversations with various people; noticing a lot more passion on their side of the conversation when they got the chance to speak about themselves. The only problem is that sometimes we restrain ourselves when speaking to someone, as too much mention of oneself puts you across as self- centered.

So, my upcoming blog posts will be conversations I’ve had with my friends a family, in which I ask them many questions about themselves. some are personal, and some aren’t.

The aim is to allow people to talk about themselves freely without feeling the need to stop in order to be polite. Also, I hope to find out more about human behaviour and responses to certain things as I ask people challenging questions.

I hope they’re enjoyable reads, and that you can relate somehow to their responses.

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