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As above

A love letter to Blackness, celebrating Black love, Black beauty and Black glory. I co-wrote the script and narrated this short film for director Kemi Anna Adeeko.

Roundtable Journal

How these organisations are maintaining the mind of the Black community in London


Creative Lives in Progress

How design icon Archie Boston taught me to be fearless and authentic in my work

Aurelia Magazine:

I’ve rejected outdated opinions on Black hair, now I’m reclaiming my time


Aurelia Magazine:

Eternal pain – My inability to fix everything

Aurelia Magazine:

My parents are more than just parents – they’re people

Brunel Times Newspaper: Being “Extremely Vulnerable” During a Pandemic

Brunel Times Newspaper: Calling Out Racism Is Not More Offensive Than Racism Itself

Medium: The Trouble With Blackness.

Brunel Times Newspaper: Information Overload – I’m Consciously “Uninformed”


Black Ballad: My Rejection Of African Culture In The Name Of Religion


LAPP: Why Don’t Black Men Support Black Women?


The Telegraph: Seven things no one tells you about starting sixth form

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